About me

Philippe Baret is bio-engineer in tropical agriculture (1986) and obtained a PhD in quantitative genetics in 1995. After a postdoc in the University of Edinburg, he got a position as lecturer (1995) and later professor (2003) at the Université de Louvain. He lectures in genetics, systems analysis, quantitative genetics and agroecology. He authored more than 50 international scientific papers and is the leader of a research group on genetic diversity and agroecology. His man research topics are diversity of animal (trout, zebu, and sheep) population and the process of innovation in smallholder systems in both Belgium and Africa. He is member of the Belgian Biosafety Council, EFSA External Review and expert for many research structures. He chairs the GIRAF (Groupe interdisciplinaire de recherche sur l’agroecologie du FNRS) that he co-founded in 2009 with Pierre Stassart et Gaëtan Vanloqueren.