L’agroécologie d’Harry Archimède

Harry Archimède est chercheur à l’unité INRA de Recherches zootechniques en Guadeloupe. Il est spécialiste de l’évaluation multi-critères des systèmes d’élevage et a une vision de l’agroécologie inspirée par ses recherches et le contact avec les agriculteurs. Inspirée et inspirante ….


L’agroécologie d’Harry Archimède HD from Philippe Baret on Vimeo.

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  1. Convaincre oui ! Mais mahumlreuseeent (ça m’est moi même arriver de le faire) on est parfois trop lourd quad on force quelqu’un reconsidérer une série. Faut aussi parfois penser que certains n’ont juste pas les mêmes goûts que nous.

  2. You captured this homecoming beautifully!! It is so touching and heartwarming. I hope you will get to have your own homecoming soon.I just notice that I am unable to comment on your other blog. I looked back and my comments have not showed up in your last few posts.

  3. lol…The first person swallowed a kitten and the second swallowed the person that swallowed the kitten!Got some recherches to do…that was unbelievable!Due to my work,I have a lot of experiences with ppl eating thing that can not be digested (and I wont go into details) but seeing the actual surgery…That was something else.TC ,that was an excellent find my friend! 5 stars.

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  8. I would like to nominate my sister. She’s a big fan of yours and loves reading your books. She’s one of the kindest people I know. She’s all the time doing for everyone but I never see them doing for her and she never complains. She’s been going back and forth to St. Louis with back problems and she’s only 19.

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